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Wondering how to reshape reality? Try reverse engineering.

Reverse Engineering projects are the type of work that requires professional skills and high level of precision. Retrofitting process of the products by our team is not the generation of 3D CAD MODELS from existing objects (only), but it’s a modernization of the industrial equipment, to add new features, parts which fits as design and functionality.

Reverse engineering has an almost unlimited area of application from mechanical to chemical industries. Avetech Design highly specialized in reverse engineering service.

We improve the existing process of reverse engineering so we can exclude original design flaws or failures, increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes and assist product innovation. Reverse engineering service is an accurate analysis of the operation, the planning and the development of an object.

Our main goal is to improve by keeping the originality of the object. By 3D optical scanning we save a set of “cloud points” which are essential for a precise 3D reconstruction. Our costumer will receive usable files with the most common CAD software: Solidworks, Catia, Cimatron, PowerShape, etc. The file is composed by well-defined geometric entities.

Our team is specialized in reducing imperfections in the 3D reconstruction/remodeling phase and proceed to transformation phase which leads to a modernized product.

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