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Optimizing is our superpower.

Industrial design is a special form of design involved in optimizing the product’s function. It is a big challenge to develop an aesthetic structure that improve the creation and simplify the use of every industrial products. The industrial design is a complex strategy that leads to innovation and constant progress.

Avetech Design’s projects are mostly focused on industrial equipment design, so we can say we have decades of project experience on this area. Our experts will develop your concept to innovation, reducing production costs and improving the functionality of the product.

Our team is complex as structure, our CAD technicians and CAD engineers will create quality products, our industrial designers will define the form and construction, our project manager will consult you on every issue that may appear during the execution.

Avetech Design’s team is trained in such services as concept development, preliminary analysis, selection of components and materials, preliminary CAD drawings, 3D rendering/3D design, value analysis and cost estimations. We begin from costumer’s idea and develop a new concept or redefine through improvement an existing one.

Our experience guarantees the final product’s design will meet all the business requirements of the client and perfect balance between innovation, aesthetics and functionality. Our costumers entrust us the industrial design and the entire development process of the product, being sure they receive a high-level product, adjusted to their preferences and the market’s technological trends in the best aesthetical configuration.

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