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Who Are We?

Avetech Design is an engineering company, based in Romania, highly specialized in providing wide mechanical design services. We are a multidisciplinary team of mechanical engineers, who can work for a short term-project or complex, long-term development process of costumer’s product.

Our team has the experience and the right amount of passion to offer you innovative solutions for any idea that might cross your mind. Even the most ambitious and futuristic projects are totally in our competence, and we are keen on accepting every new challenge.

We have experience in product design, industrial design and engineering services. Our talented team is ready to approach any engineering challenge, in order to deliver innovative and practical solutions for your business. We always keep an eye on client’s needs and budget, so you will get what you need.

Our Capabilities

Unique solutions for your needs through a personalized process.

We have the experiences and all the resources needed to manage projects at any size and complexity. Our team can offer you consultancy, expertise, design, professional assistance and pragmatic solutions, in order to deliver the final product in short terms.

Our engineering services team is specialized in offering professional solutions for any advanced technology projects which involves complex mechanical systems construction, their design and assembly. We guarantee a perfectly crafted product in an ultimate balance between functionality, form design and innovation.

Valuable questions

Ask & Research

We want to understand your business before we start working together. Therefore, you will interact first with our Research Expert, in order to form a complex view on what we are going to work for.

Creative ideas

Imagine & Create

We combine creativity and functionality to find perfect solutions for product’s design. All the information we collect in the first part of the project are tools we use to create a unique, professional design for customer’s product.

Best results

Test & Improve

Testing and evaluating a final product can guarantee that it meets mandatory properties and help to put on view the areas for improvement. We offer you complex testing that involve mechanical and electrical testing.


What we do?


Industrial Design

Our experience is mainly focused on industrial design projects, so we develop high quality solutions, from concept to the final touches of your products.

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Reverse Engineering

Our team can help you in the retrofitting process of the products, so you can improve your industrial equipment or add new features to it.

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Elements Design

Every solution designed by us offer you the perfect balance between pragmatic functionality and fascinating exterior of the product.

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Professional assistance

Our team provides professional support and mechanical design assistance during the process of product manufacturing.

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Our clients and successfully completed projects.

Altug Karabiber
Business Development Coordinator

A very positive customer experience with Avetech Design. Due our cooperation we have reached high quality results by the prompt receptivity to our requests. The complexity of the project proves the great level of the team’s professionalism. Avetech Design has definitely gained our customer loyalty.

Sam Diamond
Owner & Sales Manager

We have got the needed product incredibly fast. Avetech Design does the work quickly and extremely well. The team is customer requisition focused, which makes this collaboration a productive one.

Sai Chiang
Founder and CEO

Avetech Design provides positive customer experience and excellent work ethic. The two architectural projects were done exactly the way we had agreed and on the deadline. The project manager has strong communication skills, so we didn’t worry about the results and the team proves great knowledges of both mechanical and SolidWorks soft.

Mikel Geelen

The company delivers great quality products and they have a lot of experience in working on 3D softs. All the issues appeared were solved quickly and extremely accurate, so we could receive the final result without any problems. Thank you, Avetech Design. Great job!

Niels Buiscar

High level of the services the company delivers. Avetech Design is a customer-oriented company so the whole process of working with their team was a pleasant experience for us. The company has a culture around the customer needs.

Brian Wooten

Avetech Design's team was able to perform our task in a timely fashion. He was able to follow directions as requested. The project was letters for one a group in South Texas. The transfer of files and responses was great. We will use the company when projects become available.

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