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The wall roulette is one of the most interesting projects we have worked on so far. We wanted to create a product like a casino roulette with some special specifications, like lightning a picture in the moment the roulette stops. The challenge was to find a way the picture could perfectly align to the lighting section after 2-3 rotations.

We have found the perfect balance between mechanical and electrical components and supplied the device with magnetic sensors for every picture. The mechanism has a high precision, so the light turns on after everything fits perfectly. The wheel is completely removable for changing pictures and there is no visible hardware, which is a big aesthetic advantage.

Our Process

What have we done in the project?

Valuable questions

Ask & Research

We want to understand your business before we start working together. Therefore, you will interact first with our Research Expert, in order to form a complex view on what we are going to work for.

Creative ideas

Imagine & Create

We combine creativity and functionality to find perfect solutions for product’s design. All the information we collect in the first part of the project are tools we use to create a unique, professional design for customer’s product.

Best results

Test & Improve

Testing and evaluating a final product can guarantee that it meets mandatory properties and help to put on view the areas for improvement. We offer you complex testing that involve mechanical and electrical testing.

Architecture Design

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